Our Story -
Inspired to do something meaningful to family and community, we searched for an idea on what would we love to do…

Diane grew up in South Florida, however spent several summer vacations in Illinois.  Not much of a vacation due to all the prepping and canning of the summer fruits and vegetables from the farm.  It was a great education and experience for this city kid.  Not to mention all the wonderful food we brought home.  Diane currently lives in the Atlanta Metro area.

Dan grew up in a small farming town in South Dakota and now also lives in the Atlanta Metro area.  The family pickle recipe that was passed down from his grandmother was a favorite that his mom, nicknamed “Punky”, continually made.  In 2014, Punky lost her battle with a stroke.  Soon after we brainstormed on what we would like to do that would be meaningful.  We decided that since we’ve both had family members become stroke victims, we wanted to help the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association achieve their mission of creating a world free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. So whatever we did, we committed to donating a portion of our profit to these worthy organizations.

With Dan’s memory of loving the sweet bread and butter pickles and not finding any like them around, we went on a search to find the recipe.  The handwritten, barely legible, recipe card was found.  It took us a couple of times to decipher and several cooking attempts later, we finally got it!  So….now what?  Keeping the base recipe the same, we started playing with other flavors and letting family and friends be our taste testers.  We were definitely on to something.  We took two of our creations and submitted them in the North Georgia State Fair.  We took 1st and 3rdplace!  We then took our award winning pickles outside of the family and friend circle with taste testing encouraged to get feedback.  We received overwhelming acceptance and validation that we have an outstanding product.  Punky’s Pickles was born.

We have since created additional flavors which people are falling in love with.  We are not just a pickle producer, we are Pickle Crafters.  Our handcrafted, uniquely flavored pickles are distinctively different.  

We are excited about the thought of making a difference in people’s lives through the assistance of the American Heart and Stroke Associations.

Our purpose is to donate a portion of our profits to the American Heart and Stroke Associations while providing a uniquely delicious experience with every pickle bite.

We are distinctively different.